Brazilian Butters: What Makes Them So Powerful?

Brazilian butters are well-known for their beneficial skin properties. Some of the most common butters such as murumuru, tucuma, cupuacu, and cocoa butter can be found in our Amazon Antioxidant Treatment. But what makes them so effective and how are they different? Read on to find out!

Murumuru Butter
This butter is made from the seeds of the murumuru palm tree, which grows in Brazil. Murumuru butter is white to yellow in color, emollient, and highly moisturizing, making it excellent for treating skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis. It is also very high in lauric acid, whose anti-viral, anti-bacterial ingredient helps with acne breakouts. It’s non-comodogenic, so it won’t clog pores, and contains oleic acid as well, which improves elasticity to help with wrinkles.

Tucuma Butter
Tucuma butter has high levels of lauric acid, myristic acid, and oleic fatty acids, which contribute to healthy cell development and help prevent wrinkles. Like many butters, it is also very emollient.

Cupuaçu butter
Cupuaçu butter (pronounced coo-poo-AH-soo) is made from the fruit of the cupuaçu tree, which can be found throughout the Amazon basin. It is moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, and improves skin elasticity due to its variety of beneficial fatty acids such as oleic acid and stearic acid. It is full of phytosterols, which improve dry skin and heal damaged skin by promoting collagen production, and high in anti-oxidants, which also help with anti-aging. Cupuaçu butter even has some protection against sun damage. Fun fact: This butter can be used to make white chocolate!

Cocoa butter
Cocoa butter is full of emollient saturated fats which are great for moisturizing and healing the skin. Polyphenols, an antioxidant commonly found in cocoa butter, can help reduce signs of aging and calm sensitive skin. It is also well known for reducing the appearance of scars and is often used to improve stretch marks.


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