Cooling Peppermint: The “tingle” in the BFN Licorice Root Elixir

If you have ever used the then you have experienced the instant cooling sensation once this product is applied to your scalp. This was undoubtedly caused by the tiny bit of peppermint oil we used to make this herbal healing and growth aid for hair.

Peppermint, or mentha piperita is a miracle plant. It can be applied topically or ingested, and can remedy anything from a cold to dry skin. Its uses are endless and it is extremely affordable. Peppermint can be grown indoors in small batches because it does not require much sunlight. If growing botanical ingredients is not for you, that’s okay. Peppermint plants can be found at any nursery and peppermint oil can be purchased at any grocery or drugstore.

You know where to get it, but now how do you use it? The answer is simple; you can use it in everything. From cooking to beauty to medicinal remedies and more, peppermint is the renaissance man of plants.

If you have a cold, add peppermint in its plant or oil form to your tea and it will soothe your cough and sore throat. If you have stomach problems, peppermint is what you need. The plant contains agents that not only relieve digestive pain, but prevent digestive problems when consumed regularly.

For topical use, peppermint, especially peppermint oil, is extremely useful. To heal your scalp, wash your hair with peppermint from time to time and it will eliminate dandruff and buildup without adding any unnecessary chemicals to your hair. Put it on your skin and it will defend it against the harsh elements of sun and wind. In addition, putting peppermint oil on your skin repels mosquitoes, an added bonus!
Peppermint can also be added to all natural toothpastes that do not always contain a scent to make your breath smell amazing. Or, just drop a tiny bit of it onto your tongue after lunch at the office as an alternative to sugary gums and mints.
Peppermint is such a versatile plant, and is so incredibly cheap! So make sure to keep some around the house for any or all of its uses. It is a natural, healthy alternative to other products, and works better!