Is Natural Deodorant Worth the Hype?

By Gienneley Ortiz

We all know that the purpose of a deodorant is to eliminate the smell caused by bacteria related to our genetics and environment. However, NATURAL deodorant is the best way to maintain that nice sweet smell of your skin. Why you may ask? Well keep reading!

Why use natural deodorant?

Regular deodorants have chemicals that clog up pores while not allowing the skin to release its toxins. Unfortunately, without a natural deodorant, sweat will build up beneath the skin [making your sweat smell worse]. Organic deodorant such as probiotic deodorant contains natural ingredients that not only shield the bad odor, but targets the cause of the smell [this is done by killing bacteria naturally]. Unlike regular deodorant, probiotic deodorant doesn't block pores so good bacteria keeps working [meaning less strong odor]. Nonetheless, having natural ingredients provide healthy benefits, as it limits skin issues and diseases.

What to look for when buying natural deodorant?

When looking for a natural deodorant, it is important that it contains essential oils as it is the best way to control odor in a natural way. Stay away from ingredients such as parabens or propylene glycol as they are known to irritate the skin. Other than having great essential oils, some of other top ingredients that make natural deodorants work are arrowroot powder and coconut oil.