L.O.C. Method For Natural Curls

By Kadesh Carter

The L.O.C method is a routine that many curly hair women know of. What is the LOC method? “L” is for Liquid/Leave-In, “O” is for Oil, and “C” is for cream. Many women started returning to their roots, literally and figuratively, over the past 10 years, if not longer for some. And, in doing so those who took part in the Natural Hair Movement were stormed with hair typing, products claiming to have natural ingredients but didn’t, and YouTube after YouTube tutorial videos of tricks to grow curly hair fast.

For many it became overwhelming and they stuck to protective or simple hairstyles to reduce having to manipulate their hair too often. For others, with shared advice from other curl type textures, and after obtaining a cabinet full of hair care products, the L.O.C method seemed to be one that many had great results with no matter their curl type.

The L.O.C method is known to promote moisture by using a sealing technique that helps hair stay moisturized longer. One thing we all have learned when maintaining our hair is that it is prone to breakage when it becomes too dry.

Finding the perfect product(s) is all of our dream goals when it comes to the beauty routine of caring for our hair, just as finding the right regimen or method is. Hair is a part of many women’s identity so it makes us feel good when our hair is looking good.

Below you will find Beija Flor Naturals products based on the L.O.C routine (apply them in order as listed):

L – (Liquid) Maracuja Milk for Kinks Curls and Coils

O – (Oil) Hair and Body Honey

C - (Cream) Creme Brulee for Kinks Curls and Coils Curling and Twisting Cream

For the first step “L” Maracuja Milk for Kinks Curls and Coils a popular creamier is a water based leave in that delivers the ultimate softness and shine.

For the second step “O” The Hair and Body Honey is comprised of 100% natural ingredients such as cocoa butter, mango butter and olive oil (Apply this step as a thin layer.)

For the third step “C” Creme Brulee for Kinks Curls and Coils Curling and Twisting Cream (another super popular BFN product) is for the cute and coily, wild and wavy, kinky, and curly. No matter what your ethnic background, hair can be prone to breakage. Crème Brulee is a everyday leave in moisturizer with ingredients hand selected for beautiful healthy hair.

Give the BFN L.O.C method a try and let us know your results.