Creme Brulee for Kinks Curls and Coils

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Our world famous Creme Brulee is an everyday curl cream with ingredients hand selected for beautiful healthy hair. The formula starts with an infusion of healing herbs such as rosemary, burdock and Marshmallow root. Murumuru Butter, Aloe butter, Shea Butter, Coconut Oil and Grapeseed oil add shine, moisture and protection.

In total, an infusion of 13 premium natural ingredients create a light cream texture that is perfect for all natural hair types. When used on wet or dry hair, the Creme Brulee can actually change the texture of your hair from straw to silk making it soft and manageable.

What is it for: All textured hair types. This product moisturizes and creates a slight hold for everything from wash and go curly styles to twists/twist outs and protective styles. Works for all textured hair types from slightly wavy to kinky-curly, depending on the amount used. For looser curls that are easily weighed down, we recommend the Maracuja Milk for Kinks Curls and Coils.

How to Use: Can be used as a stand alone product or under a moisturizing conditioner such as the Maracuja Milk for Kinks Curls and Coils. Take a small amount and apply to wet or damp hair. For thicker hair types, break hair into sections. Comb or finger coil in product to bring out curls for wash and go styles. This is also a premium product to be used for protective styles (twists, twist outs, braids, bantu knots).

Ingredients: Organic Shea Butter, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Aloe Vera, Distilled Water, Murumuru Butter, Nettle, Burdock, Rosemary, Marshmellow Root, Grapeseed Oil, Vegetable Based Emulsifier, Stearic Acid, Xanthum, Paraben Free Preservative, Fragrance (Optional).


Customer Reviews

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Curl defining deliciousness

I have fine, low density, low porosity coils (4b if you’re into that) and this worked beautifully. I did a braid out with this product alone and my curls were beautifully defined, I couldn’t stop smiling at how good my hair smelled (not overwhelming, just pleasantly sweet), with a good amount of natural shine. I would recommend using a leave-in but it’s not required to get good results. I remoisturized the next day easily - no build up or issues with the formula playing well with my TGIN and Bekura. A staple.

Has something changed

I have used the creme brûlée for kinks curls and coils years ago when it was on etsy for my 4c hair. I didn’t need any additional oils to define my curls. The smell is what I remembered but it’s not what i remembered; other than that it was ok.

Moisture & shine

These products are one of a kind when it comes to bringing moisture, shine & softness to natural black hair.

Long time customer

I love Beija Flor products. I started purchasing the creme brulee YEARS ago and every time I apply it to my hair people cannot stop smelling my hair! I get tons of compliments. It's really good to see you still supply this product and have expanded your line.
Keep up the great work!

Love it!!

I love how this cream curls my hair. It smells great and gives my hair a beautiful twist/curl pattern