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Do the hair products work for all textured hair types? I have sensitive skin, could I still use the face products? Short answer yes and yes but read below!

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"I love the Body & Hair Honey! It provides shine for my hair and softness for my body! It moisturizes both so efficiently. I love that this product has dual purpose and again, a small amount goes a long way! So amazing!!"


My skin loves this product

"I moved to a dry climate and have struggled with keeping my skin hydrated. The Cocoa Mango Buttercream works wonders, keeps my skin soft, is non greasy and smells divine."

Jessica S.

I wanna bathe in this stuff

"I bought the Amazon Antioxidant Treatment as an under eye cream ... but I've used it on my lips, the chicken skin on my arms, dark spots. Even after one use, my skin seems brighter and more even. Gonna check out your body butter. I'm sold."


This Grew My Hair!

"I don't think I can say enough good things about this Scalp Elixir. This is my third time purchasing. I got it the first time about a year ago. About six months after that, I noticed that I had lots of short, aggravating hairs sticking up. Then I realized, oh my gosh, that I was actually growing new hair! Now I have them in all lengths all over my head. I hadn't previously been using any kind of oil on my hair because it is oily anyway, but when I researched thinning hair, oil was recommended. So I bought this and voila--new hair!! I'm not kidding, this stuff works. I'm in love with Beija-Flor products. Never stop making this stuff, please!"


Curl defining Deliciousness

"I have fine, low density, low porosity coils (4b if you’re into that) and this worked beautifully. I did a braid out with the Creme Brulee alone and my curls were beautifully defined, I couldn’t stop smiling at how good my hair smelled (not overwhelming, just pleasantly sweet), with a good amount of natural shine. I would recommend using a leave-in but it’s not required to get good results. I remoisturized the next day easily - no build up or issues with the formula." playing well with other products. A staple."

Chloe O.